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  • 15Inch decorative product
  • Suitable to be used as decorative items
  • Manufactured in China

description: this decorative vase is so faultless; it will certainly add charm to any interior with its presence. This adorable vase here will certainly Seize attention of onlookers, guests or relatives visiting your home. This elegant vase is crafted from glass using the vintage free form hand-blow technique. The effort put in to create this gorgeous vase is worth appreciating. This vase has amazing texture in it. This vase resembles to sack with round bottom and wrinkled open mouth. The Green and amber color combination of this vase has come out stunningly. This vase can be decorated on table tops like for example, center table, side able console table and mantel. this vase is so beautiful that it can be kept ideal or you can add some flowers and turn it into flower vase. This gorgeous vase will your home too, so do not hesitate bring it home soon!

Product Dimensions 13 x 11 x 16 inches
Item Weight 95.7 pounds
Shipping Weight 12 pounds 
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