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  • Metal Candle Lantern Set of 3 Dimensions (inches): L 6 x W 6 x H 12, L 5 x W 5 x H 9, L 4 x W
  • Has a dark-colored exterior
  • Made from quality materialsDescription: Lanterns are old school, but they are the unique way to light
  • Dimensions:
  • Length:13

Features:. Metal Candle Lantern Set of 3 Dimensions (inches): L 6 x W 6 x H 12 L 5 x W 5 x H 9 L 4 x W 4 x H 6. Has a dark colored exterior. Made from quality materialsDescription:Lanterns are old school; but they are the most unique way to light up a spot when the power fails. They have that romantic feel to them that all who as aesthetically astute appreciate. These Metal candle lantern ser of 3 is one such creation that comes in three sizes. With a simple exterior that has names of cities carved through which the candle light passes these lanterns have beauty with a sense of distinction.Also these lanterns have been made using quality metal; hence they will last in great condition for years to come. They can be made into a perfect gift for someone from the modern generation. Indeed they will start conversations. So do consider getting them for your home. The will add the style quotient to your decor. . Dimesnions:. Length:13. Width:13. Height;14.

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